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We prepare people for the future needs of technology through digitizing STEAM content and delivering it through computational thinking and coding concepts; we are an AI based company for future revolutionary education.


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#1 AI-based company for future revolutionary education with a platform trusted by over 400,000 educators & learners.

In 20,000 schools, 20 educational institutes and enterprises, and in more than 20 countries globally

Why RoboGarden

RoboGarden is a forward-looking, one-stop cloud-based publisher that uses artificial intelligence, interactive, game-based learning to develop content; empowering teachers/instructors and helping with the teaching/training of students when it comes to the future skills. RoboGarden programs support the creation of a pool of digitally skilled developers, digitally literate citizens, and digitally savvy entrepreneurs.

What You Will Learn

To help adults enhance their skills and learn the needed tech skills for today and the future, RoboGarden AI-based company brings different programs that teach adults more about machine learning, artificial intelligence, and web development through a game-based platform. We help you learn the tech skills that you will need in order to start earning, that’s why our main objective is “Learn to Earn”.

What Your Child Will Learn

Since coding is considered today’s language, RoboGarden is making it easier for children to learn to code through an easy hands-on educational app that teaches children coding from scratch and reduce the need for a real teacher. With RoboGarden playground, children will take part in active learning and will become familiar with Blockly and Textual coding types.

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